What Should I Wear?

For my yearbook picture. 

You must dress nicely in a school dress code appropriate outfit. We do not allow T-Shirts for yearbook pictures. Please contact the school for specific school dress code guidelines. The studio is not responsible if your picture is rejected due to a dress code violation, and we do not have clothing to “Borrow”. This may result in your picture being omitted from your yearbook.

We recommend professional attire for the girls and at least a shirt and tie for the boys. Dark solid colors are best as patterns tend to distract. We recommend sleeved tops as arms tend to look larger in sleeveless tops. Have your clothing clean and wrinkle free before arriving for your session. Keep in mind that riding in a car will wrinkle your clothes. You may want to carry them instead. We have dressing rooms. We will not provide attire for the photos other than the cap & gown.


For my additional outfit: 

You are welcome to bring any outfit for your second outfit. The studio will provide you with the official school cap and gown as a second outfit option. If you are planning on wearing a cap and gown, we recommend boys to wear a shirt and tie underneath, and girls to wear either a T-shirt or a collared shirt. We do have some styled poses with the gown unzipped, so please consider that what you wear underneath may show. Also, plan for your entire outfit to show head to toe. Consider accessories, fingernails and shoes when preparing for your photo shoot. Dark solid colors are best as patterns tend to distract. Make sure your clothing is clean and wrinkle free. You may want to carry it to the studio. Consider uniforms, letterman jackets, and formal attire also as a second outfit option. You may also bring your own props or be photographed with a vehicle.



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