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Hello and welcome to the Studio 94 Photography elementary school photography division. Studio 94 has been in business with the same administrative team since 1994. We have photographed hundreds of thousands of individuals and the number keeps growing year after year.


We are on the technological for front in the school photography world. Our service drastically reduces the impact on the school and allows your school to get on to the business of educating instead of dealing with picture orders and parent communication regarding pictures.


Wouldn't that be nice, not having to concern your self with school pictures?

That is our goal. We deal directly with the parents regarding picture ordering and yearbook choices and etc..


Fall Yearbook & School Picture Photography

Here is how it works. Prior to picture day we will provide a flier to be handed out at school. This flier will actually also act as an information form that parents can fill out for us. We ask that parents return the flier on picture day and send it with the student to the photographer. Now this flier return is not mandatory, it is just a way that we can confirm the identity of the student and it will help to expedite picture day. Either way it is reminding parents of when picture day will take place so that they can prepare their child.

We will then setup a schedule with your school as to the best way (Lowest Impact) to photograph your students. Based on average class sizes, our system can accommodate a different class at least every 15 minutes.

During that 15 minutes we will photograph each student in 4 different poses. Over the following 1 week will proof the images online and send parents an email linking them directly to only their child's images. They can order online at that point. We will also proof the images onto an order form and deliver that separated by teacher to the school to be handed out. Those forms have directions to be mailed directly to the studio office again by passing the school.


Orders placed take between 5 and 7 days to receive. The orders are mailed directly to the parents and are not handed out at the school. In each order we add communication information so parents can talk directly to us instead of through the school. This will help reduce phone traffic into your front office.

One of the great things about our service is that the parents will have the chance to choose a yearbook picture from the 4 poses that we take. On our website we have a form to fill out to do this, or we can take a phone call to note your choice. There will be a deadline for all of the choices to be submitted. After the deadline if no choice has been made then the studio will make a selection for the student.

Every student  will receive a free class composite picture. These are delivered after all of the yearbook choices have been made. Our classroom composites are delivered with student names under the student's photo, the name of their teacher, grade and the school year. We will proof these to your teachers first to confirm that all of the data is accurate.

5th Grade Panoramic Class Pictures

Here are some of the benefits of working with Studio 94 Photography at your school.


1) 22 Years in the photography business with the same administrators proving longevity and loyalty.

2) The studio employees are very experienced with hundreds of student images to their credit. Insuring the best photography of your students for their parents.

3) The studio employees are background checked and vetted before being allowed onto school campuses.

4) All images will be turned in by deadlines. This way yearbook advisors can count on having what they need when they need it.

5) A low impact on your education process. We will take the work out of the hands of the teachers. We do not believe they should have to take care of this part of the school year.

6) We will make you look good. Our photography service has been so tried and tested that we know you will enjoy working with us. When asked about the switch to us, you can take all the credit for how smooth everything goes on picture day and beyond.

7) We can also provide extra services like;

Awards or certificates with photos on them. 5th grade panoramic class pictures. ID cards to faculty and staff. Prints for the walls of the school. 8x10 printed class composite pictures to each student regardless of ordering or not FREE! Student planners for FREE! Accumulative stickers to each teacher of each student.

8) We also have a yearbook service if you choose to move away from your current publisher. We will provide training and assistance to the yearbook advisor throughout the school year.

9) Everything by deadlines or in a timely manner is our guarantee. Online proofs to parents within a week and orders placed delivered in a week. That might just be faster than any company providing service to elementary schools.

10) All photo products are 100% guaranteed so there is no worry about ordering.

11) Rebates to the school to be used however you would like.

12) We have photo booths, Instant Print Studios and many other event photography options. These can be used for father/daughter & mother/son type of events. Normally you would incur a charge with other companies, however we offer you one event for FREE with your first year's contract. Continued contracts will enjoy these services at a reduced price or free.

13) Staff will enjoy reduced portrait sittings in our studio. Many staff have taken advantage of this during their child's senior portraits. Our studio is contracted with several high schools and colleges and children of the staff will enjoy this discount benefit.

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