Great Oak High School's Official School Photographer

Studio 94 is a proud partner with Great Oak High School. Our partnership assists your principal and administration meet goals set by the district.

Senior Yearbook Images 

Senior Portrait Images       

Senior Panoramic Images

UnderclassSchool Picture Images

Senior and Underclass ID Card Images

School data Image reconciliation and update

On site School ID card making ability

Individual Staff Portraits

Panoramic Staff Portraits

PR and special event documentation

Dance Portraits

Dance Party Pictures

Action Sports Pictures

Theatrical Action and Group Pictures



Studio 94 donates all ID card products and software for ID card production to your school. We organize and reconcile student data and images to populate the school information database. Our donations assist the school in training and technology to advance special programs, and fund scholarships. We support the yearbook advisor with photography instruction. We photograph all levels of school sports to assist the yearbook photographers. Each year Studio 94 spends several thousand dollars to support your school before we make $1 of profit. Thank you for honoring our relationship with your high school by purchasing photographs.


The Studio 94 offices and studio are only about 20 minutes from the Great Oak campus. Please contact us if you are looking for professional photography of any sort. We have special discounts for friends of Great Oak High School.

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