Congratulations Guardian Scholars

We have a great opportunity for you to receive a professional photo session that will benefit you now and in the future. As Guardian Scholar you have been included to recieve a FREE photo session and digital files with Studio 94 Photography Inc.

"The official graduation portrait photographer for Cal State Fullerton"

Your Photo Session will include 10 poses in an "Clothing of Your Choice". It will also include 10 poses in official CSUF cap & gown regalia. We will show you your images at your session. We will have you pick 1 pose from the cap & gown portion and 1 pose from the "Outfit of Your Choice" portion of the session. We will retouch each of these choices and deliver them to you as a digital file for FREE. You can reserve your session at the "SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION" link below. There will be NO charge for the session, retouching, or digital files. If you would like to order printed portraits or from other poses at regular CSUF rates, then you are welcome to at our sitting as well, but NO purchase is necessary in regard to this offer.





A professional image can get you off to a great start in your career. Employers might be looking at your social media sites before they hire. What do the images that you present say about you?



Cap and Gown images are the marker that declares to the world what you have achieved. Some reports say that out of every High School grad only 30% attend college. Of that 30% only 30% actually graduate from college. That means that you are in a very small percentage and that makes you stand out. These images will support your declaration of; "College Graduate" and will make the people that support you very proud.

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