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We are proud to serve these local high schools. Our many services provide memorable and rewarding experiences for students and parents. We are committed to excellent service and meeting the needs of our clients. We want you to love what we do for you.

Senior Portraits

There is something powerful and remarkable about a beautiful professional image that draws our emotions and can actually bring tears to our eyes---especially when it marks a milestone in life. High School graduation is an accomplishment. Congratulations graduate, you have succeeded. Congratulations parents, you too have succeeded. Mark it with a long lasting wonderful image.

We have in-studio or on-location portrait options for your senior portraits.

To see our on location portrait options click HERE.

We are the official photographer for many school Yearbooks. And, parents find it easy and affordable to have their senior's portraits taken with us as well. Our photographers are highly trained and have successfully photographed many many people. Their level of experience is beyond most studios. We know this is an important time in your life and you need to trust this to be right. That is why we have a 100% guarantee for all of the pictures we take. You will save time and money and have a great image if you have Studio 94 take your senior portraits. We want you to love your pictures.

Studio 94 Product Catalogue
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Yearbook Portraits


We provide yearbook portrait services for senior and underclass students. We retouch, prepare, and deliver all student images according to the yearbook publisher guidelines. We consult schools as to specific picture details and customize our service to meet those details.

Senior Yearbook Images

Underclass Yearbook Images

Underclass School Portraits

A few weeks prior to the start of a new school year, schools host student orientations.

During this orientation you may receive class information,  purchase your associated student memberships, get your books and be photographed for your school picture. Our photographers will be there taking photos. We produce and deliver student ID cards on the spot. This service has to be done very quickly. Consider this:

  • We get 1 minute per student.
  • The fastest ID printer takes 26 seconds to produce a card.
  • We have 17 seconds to prepare each student for the shot
  • We have 17 seconds to capture each student's personality

Our studio has established a great reputation for creating the best images under these circumstances. In fact, when compared to the work of other studios we come out on top---that is why so many schools use our services. The ID image is also used as the yearbook photo for grades 9-11. You can also order picture packages using this image.We have an underclass picture order form that you can download HERE. You can take the form with you to your orientation or fill it out and mail it in to our office after the image is taken. We have a 100% money back guarantee because we believe in our quality and we want you to love your pictures. We keep these images in our archive and we can draw on them at anytime should you need a current image of the student.

Student ID Card Production


Most ID Cards are created at the beginning of the school year or just before school starts. Your ID card picture, school picture, and yearbook picture are all the same image if you are in grades 9-11. We provide the equipment, technology, and training to produce ID cards that provide security and identity for your student.

Sports Action Photography

As part of our school committment our photographers take pictures at all of the school sports venues. We do this to support the yearbook staff, but you can also purchase these images. We photography all levels of each sport.If you have a student athlete, chances are that we have pictures of them in action. Click HERE to see more.

Sports Virtual Group or Team Photography

Virtual Groups are a modern alternative to a traditional group and are a unique way to create group photos from a collection of individuals photographed in front of a green screen background. Virtual Groups can provide options to overcome the physical challenges of actually shooting groups. Some benefits include;

  • Better shot of each person
  • Everyone is in sharp focus
  • Everyone is equally visible
  • Everyone is individually color corrected
  • Lighting is consistent throughout the entire group
  • Consistent head size from first row to last
  • No worries about inclement weather
  • Names can be added on some styles
  • Much shorter photography times getting your team back to practice quicker

School Dances and Special Events

We also provide dance and special event photography services. This includes dance portraits and party pics. These photo images are available at the dance; in ordered photo packages; or as digital images downloaded from the web. The digital dance image download is a program we pioneered and is now being used by many photographers accross the nation. See our Event Photography Services Here!

Senior Class Picture, Theatre, Dance, Cheer, Group and Club Pictures


Try to imagine creating order out of the chaos of photographing 2300 students. Our studio has mastered large group photos. We love the challenge and the fun! We have taken so many that they have become an easy endeavor. And, the schools appreciate these photos and they way they support school spirit.

School Data and Image Reconciliation


Our service to schools also extends to assisting with the proper storage and technology to populate school data programs. We must have the technology to correctly assign a name and data to each student image. We actually need to have as much of an understanding of your school data system as tech support so that we can provide an advanced technical service to constantly update school data.

On Site ID Card Reproduction Service

We provide an on site ID card making system. This allows students to replace lost ID cards or for new students to obtain one without hassle. We provide all the technology, equipment, and training required to produce Id cards on campus at your school.

Classroom Photography Instruction

Our president has trained several professional photographers who have become successful photographers. He has passed on this training to student photographers who intern at our studio. The fast-paced instruction is tailored toward excellence and artistic creativity. Our president also volunteers his time at the schools to teach sesssions on foundational photography concepts. This helps students to advance in their craft.

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