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How do I get to the Studio? DIRECTIONS



The Temecula Studio:

The Temecula Studio is located at 41743 Enterprise Circle North and we are in Suite 101.

Enterprise Circle North is off Winchester just passed Jefferson. There is a business name Black Market Brewery, and we are directly across from it.


The Anaheim Studio: Our Anaheim Studio is in a strip mall at the corner of Traub & Orangethorpe in Anaheim. The address is 3456 Orangethorpe Avenue, Anaheim, CA. 92806.


The Vista Studio: Our Vista Studio is in the Shadowridge Business Center conveniently located minutes from Hwy-78. The address is 1930 Watson Way Unit I, Vista CA 92081.


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Do I get any pictures with my sitting fee?

The sitting fee is just for the process to take your pictures. There are printed proof pictures included in the sitting fee. A portion of this fee is given back to your school. You will see your images immediately following your sitting to make a yearbook choice and you can then order printed products at a discount.


How much will this cost?

There are several factors on the price. There will almost always be a sitting fee to be photographed. There are only proof pictures in this fee. It is the time, equipment, and skills that it takes to make a professional portrait of you. We also must prepare your yearbook image for yearbook publication and deliver that image according to specific guidelines. A portion of the sitting fee goes back to your school. This fee is usually around $30. You will then pay for any prints or products that you order. The packages range from as little as $39 to as much as you want to spend. Our prices are very fair in the market but if you do immediate ordering you get a big discount and then the prices are actually lower than most studios of our quality.


Why do I have to prepay my sitting fee?

We ask you to pre pay your sitting for your benefit. When you prepay your sitting that time in our studio is reserved for only you. You will not have to wait along time; we are on time most of the time. It will make your studio experience better and that will make your pictures better.


Why do I have to pay a sitting fee?

The sitting covers all the time equipment and talent that it takes to photograph your student professionally. A portion of the sitting fee goes back to the school which is very helpful in these budget cutting times. We are able to provide computers and camera equipment so students can learn design skills that will make them more marketable in their career choices.


More Sitting Options?

You can always add to your primary sitting whether it is a Professional Standard Sitting or it is a Yearbook only sitting. The second sitting is always reduced but it will be scheduled after the yearbook deadline. Can I schedule an additional Sitting for you it is only $25 for 2 more outfits and 2 more backgrounds?


What do I wear for my yearbook Picture? MVHS, CHS, GOHS, FHS, EHS, RBVHS, SCHS, MLKHS, FUHS.

You can wear anything that is school dress code appropriate. We recommend dark solid colors. If you have dark skin, don’t wear light colors because the contrast doesn’t look good. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed with no wrinkles. We do not provide clothes other than cap & gown.


What do I wear for my yearbook Picture? MMHS, VMHS, TVHS, RCHS.

The gentlemen will be wearing a tux shirt, jacket, and tie that we will provide for you. We recommend that you wear a white t-shirt for under the tux shirt.

Ladies you will be wearing a black velvet drape that we will provide. Your shoulders will be showing so you may want to wear a tank or tube top under the drape.


What do I wear for my yearbook Picture? Mission Hills High School.

For your yearbook picture Mission Hills requires boys to bring in a black suit coat, collared shirt, and tie. Girls are required to bring in a black top. Our studio provides a black off the shoulder drape if you would like to use it.  


What are the immediate ordering discounts?

For anyone scheduling their appointment in July, if you order at your sitting we will discount your order by 20% which is a huge savings. If you do not order at your sitting any future orders will be at full price. If you schedule in any other month your immediate order discount is only 10% off.


What is your picture Layaway Plan?

We set up an automatic payment service usually through a credit card and we charge the account monthly. There is a $300 minimum order and you determine how many payments you want to make based on how much you can afford per payment. This is all set up at the time of your sitting; just ask your customer service rep about the Layaway Plan at your sitting.



Why will I lose my sitting fee if I cancel less than 72 hours prior to my appointment?

It is our desire to make your experience at Studio 94 a rewarding and pleasant one. By offering financially committed appointments we can guarantee your appointment time and your wait in our studio will be drastically reduced. People tend to be much more attentive when there is a cost involved. By creating a cancellation policy like this we have made the appointment process and your time in our facility much more enjoyable.


Can I use a credit card to pay?

Yes. We accept most types of credit cards including American Express.


How much does the school pay Studio 94?

The school does not pay Studio 94 anything for its services. In fact Studio 94 rebates quite a bit of money to the school in funds and services. Studio 94 only makes money if you purchase pictures. This is our incentive to provide you with excellent service and a great product.


Why do I have to use Studio 94 for my yearbook picture?

The school uses one studio to make the yearbook look uniform, professional, and to reduce costs to the school. Most photographers do not normally present image files for professional publication. Since most photographers do not have the technology to deliver an image to the school that is perfect and matching all other submitted images, the outcome is a yearbook that doesn’t look very good. Software to prepare the images for publication is costly and schools do not have the funds for these costs. Most photographers as well, do not see enough work to warrant purchasing this expensive software. Having one large professional studio take care of all the students will reduce costs and make the yearbook look professional and uniform.


Why does my school require me to wear a tux or drape in my yearbook picture?

If your school requires you to wear a tux or a drape or some other specific outfit for your yearbook picture, it is their attempt to "level the playing field". It is their desire to have all of the seniors outfits the same so that students will not be judged by their apparel. The tux and drape attire in the yearbook looks fantastic. It makes your yearbook look very classy.


Do I have to be photographed in the studio or can I do an outdoor session?

The yearbook picture must be taken in the studio or on campus at your school; but your senior pictures can be taken outdoors. See our On Location Sitting option on your under your school name on this website.



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