The Preferred Graduation Studio Portrait Photographer for Cal State Long Beach

Congratulations you are almost there!

All of your hard work will be concluding shortly.
A professional portrait by Studio 94 is the perfect way to mark your memorable event.
There are so many great benefits to having a professional portrait made of you.

What about sending pictures to those who supported you?
You know, I bet the pictures will pay for themselves.

Hey parents, what about a graduation gift of pictures?
This kind of gift will always be remembered and displayed for years.

Are your social media sites prepared for the job market?
Future employers will be looking at them.
Get ahead of the competition by posting your professional portrait.

Studio 94 can help you accomplish this---and at a fair price.

Visit us at the CSULB Grad Fair March of 2021 in the bookstore. You will be able to see our work and sign up for a studio session. 


Here are some of the benefits of a Studio 94 Photography session:

o       Pictures are taken in our studio 30 minutes from campus.

o       You will have several background choices.

o       We provide your school’s official cap & gown regalia as an outfit option.

o       Print packages and Camera Image Files are available for purchase.

o       A 20% discount is offered if you order at your session appointment. (Take that into account when looking at our prices)

o       You will be able to view your proofs right away at your appointment.

o       When you purchase a package you can get a reduced or FREE family portrait session.

o       Our studio offers a Layaway plan with low easy payments.

o       We have an option for a print rush if you need it.

o       We have a 100% money back guaranteed experience.

o       We want you to look great!


Schedule Your Session Link

Here is What You Can Expect

FREE for a limited time. (for CSULB graduates only)

We will take a $20 deposit when you make your session. The $20 deposit is to hold your session and it will be applied to your picture order when you place it. That makes the Session Free!

This session includes:

20 poses in 2 different outfits with 2 background choices.

We will provide your official cap & gown for an option as one of the outfits.

Following your session you will have the opportunity to review your proofs and order print packages, digital files, and other products. Ordering pictures at your session will give you 20% off your total order. 

Add-on friends or family to your photo shoot for a session fee of only $10 more. This includes 5 more shots of you and your family or friends. This offer is for up to 6 people. Each additional person beyond 6 will be $10 more. Please call us to arrange a family session along with your graduation portrait session at 951-696-2002.

Schedule Your Session Link

What Should I Wear?

Ladies: Wear professional attire and plan for the entire outfit to show including your hands. Please avoid sleeveless tops. We do not recommend white as your main outfit color. Solid colors are best, as patterns tend to distract. You may want to bring a collared shirt to wear under the gown. We do not recommend dark skin with light colored clothing. We have the official grad regalia for your school but we DO NOT have honor cords or any club or society adornments. You will need to bring these to the photo session.

Gentlemen: We recommend a suit, and tie. You will need shirt and tie for under the grad gown and the jacket for any non-cap & gown shots. We do not recommend a white shirt and tie only. Dark colors are best. We do not recommend dark skin with light colored clothing. We have the official grad regalia for your school but we DO NOT have honor cords or any club or society adornments. You will need to bring these to the photo session.

How to Make a Session Appointment: When considering your appointment, make sure you can spend at least 1 hour with us to complete viewing and ordering. We know this is very important to you; and we will make the experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Click the Schedule Your Session Link. Choose an appointment that best works with your schedule. Fill out the information form to secure the time and date. Then to complete the scheduling you must pay a deposit for the session with a credit card. You will be emailed appointment confirmation and a receipt for your purchase.

Where Are The Photos Taken? Photos are taken in our Studio just 30 minutes from campus. Address and directions can be accessed HERE.

The Picture and Product Packages We have combined our most ordered products into packages that will help your pictures actually pay for themselves. For any of our MP (Multi-Pose) packages you will receive Grad Cards which include your photo on them for FREE. You can use these as announcements or invitations. We are also offering a buy one at regular price and get one FREE on our 10x18 Pano Trio. The link below will show you our products and our prices; but remember you can take 20% off if you order at your sitting.  Print Package and Product Prices

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Photos?

NORMAL print product turn around time is 15 business days. Your order will be mailed to the address you give us when you sign up.

RUSH your pictures and have them in 9 business days.We charge $35 more for this service. Tell your customer service representative at your sitting that you want a 9 business day rush and it will be added to your order. Your order will be mailed to the address you give us when you sign up. Please DO NOT give us a PO Box because we cannot ship to it.


Print Package and Product Prices


Schedule Your Session Link


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A Studio 94 Portrait is An Investment for A Lifetime

This may be the last individual professional portrait you ever take. You will be recording a moment in your personal history marking your academic achievement.

Thank you for choosing Studio 94 to help you tell your story to the generations to come. We look forward to helping you have a portrait that will illustrate this chapter in your life.

Terms and Conditions

All images taken by Studio 94 Photography Inc. are copyright protected. It is against the law to reproduce our images in any way without our written consent. Even scanning proofs or photographing images with a cell phone or camera is against the law. Coping images can result in a fine and possible imprisonment. We work very hard to produce a great portrait for you; please honor that hard work by purchasing pictures without risking prosecution.

Your session must be Pre-Paid

This photo session is in high demand and there are a limited amount of sessions available before deadlines to send out announcements and grad parties. Therefore to accommodate those trying to meet the deadlines we take pre payment of the sitting fee. This ensures that your session time is reserved for you only.

Appointment Changes or Appointment Cancellations: Appointments are on a first paid first served basis. Payment is the only method of guarantee for your photo shoot. If you cannot make the appointment please contact our office at 951-696-2002, at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment and we will make arrangements for a new session time. Calls to change or cancel appointments received after hours will be noted. A message MUST BE left in order for us to determine session fee refund qualifications. Calls for change after the 72 hour period will forfeit the session fee, and another appointment will need to be made and the fee will be paid again. See Frequently Asked Questions for clarification on our appointment policy.

The session fees are the charges for time, skill, equipment, & preparation for your photo shoot. The session fee is also a fundraiser for the organization sponsoring the event, like your school for instance. A portion of your session fee will be returned to CSULB and future students will benefit from it just as you have benefited from those grads that have preceded you. We only make money if you order pictures, so that drives us to do a great job for you. We will provide a source to view the images taken just following your sitting. To acquire pictures for personal private use, the subject must purchase a photo package or the Camera Image Files. The session fee is not a deposit or down payment for any printed photo package. It is the charge only to be photographed.

Order Changes or Order Cancellations: All orders are entered into production 24 hours following order placement. Our goal is to return your photo package as soon as possible. However, any orders canceled in production will be subject to a 20% cancellation charge. Changes in orders while in production will result in a $25 charge in addition to any package change cost differences. All returned checks are subject to a $25 charge in addition to any previous balance due.


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