Studio 94 Product Catalogue for In Studio and On location Senior Portraits
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As Your Official School Photographer;

we are honored to take great pictures that you will love forever!


You will take your ID picture at the beginning of the school year. Your Senior Yearbook picture however is taken at a different time. Your school has required that your yearbook picture to be taken with Studio 94 Photography. We have produced some of the most beautiful senior and yearbook portraits in the region and are proud to produce those same great images for you. The best option is to come to our studio and have a personal custom photo session with one of our seasoned photographers. 


The Deadline to take your Senior Yearbook Picture Is October 30th, 2021.


If you schedule your photo session for a day in July we will discount your picture order by 20%. This is a huge discount on 200 year guaranteed pictures of this quality. Prints and digital files are all available to love and share forever!


How to Schedule a Session; Read through Session Options Below to see which is best for you. (You will be asked for Session Fee Payment at time of scheduling)


Schedule Quickly Online 


Click Here to Schedule a $30 Professional Standard Session Online

     You will need these Log In credentials; 

     User = "Student School ID Number of the senior that you are scheduling for."

     Password = "Last Name of the Senior that you are scheduling for."


Schedule by Phone


Call our office at 951-696-2002


Our Covid-19 guidelines are detailed below:

  1. We would like only the parents or guardians and the graduate in the studio to limit the quantity of people.
  2. You are welcome to wear a mask, but you are not required. If you choose to wear a mask we will ask you to remove it for the pictures.
  3. The images that we take will be uploaded shortly after your session for viewing and ordering. Images will also be available for online ordering if you are unable to order in person.
  4. We will have you sanitize your hands before touching studio property and we will provide the sanitizer for your convenience. All touched studio property will be sanitized upon subject departure.
  5. Caps & Gowns will be limited to a single use every 48 hours. They will be cleaned after each session.
  6. Students, parents or guardians feeling sick, should not come to the session. If someone arrives exhibiting symptoms of any sickness, they will be asked to reschedule for a time when the symptoms are gone. If anyone in your house has been sick and you may transmit the sickness upon arrival, please do not come into your session. Call us at 951-696-2002 and we will reschedule and get you in as soon as we can.


Here are your Session Options:


Session Option #1  (Our most chosen by far)


“Professional Standard Session” $30 (Our most chosen option by far)

You will receive 25 poses in 2 outfits on 3 different backgrounds

5 poses on the yearbook background in your own yearbook outfit

10 poses on the Background of your choice in your own yearbook outfit

10 poses on the background of your choice in another outfit of your choice

(We will provide Official Cap & Gown regalia as an outfit option)

You choose your yearbook picture

Yearbook picture is retouched for FREE


     Click Here to Schedule a $30 Professional Standard Session

     You will need these Log In credentials; 

     User = "Student School ID Number of the senior that you are scheduling for."

     Password = "Last Name of the Senior that you are scheduling for."




Session Option #2


“Yearbook Only Session” $15 

Not available in July or August.

1 Outfit on 1 Background (The Yearbook Background Only)

5 Yearbook Poses

You choose your yearbook image

Yearbook Picture is NOT Retouched


This session is for those who want a yearbook picture only with no adjustments to the image but who want to be in the senior section of the yearbook. This is an in studio session. You will be photographed on the yearbook background only and we cannot take any upgrades at the time of your session. We will take 5 images of you to choose 1 for the yearbook. We DO NOT retouch your yearbook image. You can pay to have a standard retouch done to your yearbook image for $15 more. So this session is just the bare bones to have our professional photographers, editors, and equipment take your picture for the yearbook. If retouching is important then we recommend the "Professional Standard Session" above instead because you get a lot more professional services for the same price.




Session Option #3


“The free yearbook session” On Campus 

Do I have to pay to be in the yearbook? No, you do not.

1 Yearbook Pose just like your ID card shot

You DO NOT get to choose your yearbook image it is chosen for you

Yearbook picture is NOT retouched


We have an ON CAMPUS Free Yearbook Session on October 28th, 2021. This is different from our "In Studio" $15 yearbook only session. There are a limited number of spaces available for these sessions and they are on a first come first served basis. There are no professional services for free with this session, which includes no pre-scheduled sessions. There is no guarantee of quality with this image. Only one picture will be taken at the discretion of the photographer. There will be no opportunity for the student to choose his or her image. There will be NO retouching option for this image. It will be placed forever in the yearbook looking just as the student did when they sat with us. Your yearbook picture is very important and it will stand forever to represent you. We do not recommend this session due to that importance. Our other sessions are very affordable and will provide you with a great professional image for your yearbook that you get to choose.




Session Option #4


“Professional Standard SPLIT Session” $30

5 Yearbook Outfit Poses before Yearbook Deadline

20 Other Poses (1 outfit plus Official Cap & Gown) After the Yearbook Deadline

You choose your yearbook image

Yearbook Picture Retouched for FREE


This session is in studio and is the same as the above Professional Standard, however, we have you come in for your yearbook picture by the yearbook deadline and then we have you come back for another portrait session later in the school year. We will offer a 20% discount on package purchases if you choose a "Professional SPLIT Standard Session". This is a good session for those coming in near the yearbook deadline. The studio gets very rushed near the deadline and this is a way for you to have a relaxed senior portrait session after the deadline without the rush.


For non-yearbook related sittings follow Add-ons to my session click “Click Here”!

For Important Terms and Conditions “Click Here”



Session Option #5


“Yearbook and On Location Session” $50

5 Yearbook Outfit Poses In Studio

40 Other Poses (2 outfits On Loaction)

You choose your yearbook image

Yearbook Picture Retouched for FREE

We will schedule a session for you to be photographed in our studio for your yearbook picture by the deadline and then we will schedule another session for you on another day for your outdoor portrait session. We will ask you to call to schedule this session at 951-696-2002. We will then discuss our outdoor location. We will retouvh your yearbook picture for free with this session and you will choose a yearbook pose immediately following the in studio porttion of this session.



What Should I Wear?

For my yearbook picture; 

You must dress nicely in a school dress code appropriate outfit. Please contact the school for specific school dress code guidelines. The studio is not responsible if your picture is rejected due to a dress code violation. This may result in your picture being omitted from your yearbook.

We recommend professional attire for the girls and at least a shirt and tie for the boys. Dark solid colors are best as patterns tend to distract. Have your clothing clean and wrinkle free before arriving for your session. Keep in mind that riding in a car will wrinkle your clothes. You may want to carry them instead. We have dressing rooms. We will not provide any attire for the photos.


For my additional outfit: 

You are welcome to bring any outfit for your second outfit. The studio will provide for you the official school cap and gown as a second outfit option. If you are planning on wearing the cap and gown, we recommend boys to wear a shirt and tie underneath, and girls to wear either a t-shirt or a collared shirt. Please plan for your entire outfit to show. Consider accessories, fingernails and shoes when preparing for your photo shoot. Dark solid colors are best as patterns tend to distract. Make sure your clothing is clean and wrinkle free. You may want to carry it to the studio. Consider uniforms, letterman jackets, and formal attire also as a second outfit option. You may also bring your own props or be photographed with a vehicle.  If you cannot decide we can extend your sitting to include more outfits, but please inform us of that at your time of scheduling. See add-ons to my sitting "Click Here"!




Where Are The Photos Taken? 

Studio sessions will be held in our Temecula, California Studio. The Temecula Studio is located at 41743 Enterprise Circle North Suite #101, Temecula, CA. 92590. If you have questions regarding the location of your photo shoot, please contact a representative at 1-951-696-2002 prior to the date of your session or “Click Here”.



The Picture and Product Packages:

We have combined our most ordered products into packages that will help your pictures actually pay for themselves. For any of our MP packages you will receive Slim Line Grad Cards for FREE that you can send as announcements or invitations with your pictures on them. The link below will show you our products and our prices but remember you can take 10% off if you order at your sitting. If you have a session in July or split your sitting, you can take an extra 10% off for a total of 20% off if you order at your session.


Print Package and Product Prices



Our Layaway Program: 

We are the only studio that we know of that allows you to layaway your picture order so you can make low easy payments. There is a minimum order but you can set how many payments you want to make and how much each payment will be. This makes purchasing professional pictures easy on the pocket book. At your photo shoot ask your customer service representative about our Layaway program.



How Long Does It Take To Get Your Photos?

Normal print product turnaround time is 3 weeks. Your order will be mailed to the address you give us when you sign up. Please DO NOT give us a P.O. box because we cannot ship to that.

RUSH your pictures and have them in 9 days. We charge a $35 price increase to do a "Rush". Tell your customer service representative at your session that you want a "Rush" and they will make that happen for you. Your order will be mailed to the address you give us when you sign up. Please DO NOT give us a P.O. box because we cannot ship to that.



We Guarantee ALL of Our Products

We Guarantee That You Will Love Your Pictures: As you may have already noticed we have photographed 10’s of thousands of high school grads and we are very good at it. Because of our confidence that you will love your pictures we will guarantee all of our work 100% so you will have no risk here, just a great experience.



We look forward to photographing you!


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